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  Delegation from Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Market Regula... 2023-02-16
  Kick-off meeting of national research project on urban su... 2023-02-14
  WG meetings of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 on Six Sigma application held 2023-02-13
  CNIS hosts 42nd Standardization Lecture 2023-02-13
  APEC workshop on water-conservation standards held online 2023-02-08
  SAC/TC 207 on environmental management holds its plenary ... 2023-01-19
  Ding Wenxing reelected Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 2022-12-30
  Annual meeting of SAC/SWG 23 convened 2022-12-16
  CNIS supports China's first local standard on digital vil... 2022-12-01
  Sixth ISSCC Plenary Meeting held in Hangzhou 2022-11-28
  Third inaugural meeting and 1st plenary meeting of SAC/TC... 2022-11-21
  CNIS experts attend the annual meeting of ISO/TC 145 2022-11-16
  First meeting of SAC/TC 594 on public administration and ... 2022-11-07
  Seminar on digital transformation of intelligent manufact... 2022-11-02
  Sectoral standards on construction of social emergency fo... 2022-11-01
  CNIS supports the revision of the occupational classifica... 2022-10-31
  CNIS contributes to the national standards for research p... 2022-10-24
  National standardization working group for intelligent te... 2022-10-20
  CNIS experts attend the first plenary meeting of ISO/PC 335 2022-10-09
  CNIS convenes APEC international webinar on smart city re... 2022-08-31

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