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  CNIS releases "digital standardization index" for the fir... 2021-11-30
  CNIS undertakes a Beijing's project to specify Chinese hu... 2021-11-26
  National Library of Standards contributes to construction... 2021-11-26
  Low fatigue authentication for metaverse comes up on stag... 2021-11-17
  Picture books bring standards knowledge to Tibet children 2021-11-17
  CNIS attends the 2nd Shenzhen Intl Food Valley Innovation... 2021-11-08
  Green Carbon Front Runner Exhibition Held at China Yiwu I... 2021-11-08
  APEC Ageing-inclusive Digital Economy Workshop held in Be... 2021-10-26
  National Library of Standards hosts a lecture for World S... 2021-10-21
  World Standard Day theme activity held in Beijing 2021-10-21
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  New standards needed to drive digital agriculture 2021-12-01
  A historic commitment to combat climate change 2021-11-30
  IEC White Paper highlights standardization challenges for... 2021-11-22
  Improving collaboration with smaller businessess 2021-11-22
  A new CEN Technical Report on children’s anthropometric ... 2021-11-08
  How standardization can contribute to an international fr... 2021-10-21
  Three-month ITU Digital World calls on build the digital ... 2021-10-18
  Zhao Houlin shares opinion on the ITU Digital World openi... 2021-10-18
  Heads of IEC, ISO and ITU-T take part in high-level panel... 2021-10-15
  International guidance for managing travel risks 2021-10-08

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