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Green Digital Action: International standards for a sustainable future
Date: 2023-12-13    Source:IEC   

IEC Secretary-General and CEO, Philippe Metzger, delivered powerful opening remarks at the Green Digital Action opening ceremony at COP28 last week. His address highlighted the pivotal role of international standards and conformity assessment in addressing climate challenges and fostering sustainable innovation.

Green Digital Action is a partnership of governments, businesses, civil society and UN agencies, spearheaded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). While Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and AI offer promising approaches to tackling the climate crisis, the increasing amount and processing of data and devices means the sector's own energy consumption, emissions, material use and e-waste is soaring. Green Digital Action aims to "put digital solutions at the forefront of climate action".

Joining ISO's Sergio Mujica and ITU's Seizo Onoe on stage, Mr. Metzger emphasized the collaborative effort of the World Standards Cooperation and underscored the critical role of standards in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in areas such as clean energy access, industry innovation, and infrastructure development. He noted that the World Bank, in its tenders, leverages international standards, a further demonstration of the essential role they play in infrastructure.

The Secretary-General highlighted two fundamental pillars of standards' contributions: leveraging and enabling new low-carbon technologies and managing environmental challenges. He emphasized the importance of standards in the development and roll out of new technologies, including smart grids, renewable energy sources, and low-voltage direct current. Meanwhile, management standards published by the three organizations, offer solutions to escalating environmental challenges.

Mr. Metzger drew attention to the significance and necessity of conformity assessment in providing a benchmark for standards, citing examples from IECEx for the safety of hydrogen.

He stressed how international standards can harmonize environmental requirements and performance indicators, providing a collaborative platform for diverse stakeholders. He concluded by asserting that standards foster competition, driving innovation and offering a vital solution to combat climate change.

(Source: IEC)


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