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Sixth ISSCC Plenary Meeting held in Hangzhou
Date: 2022-11-28    Source:CNIS   

The sustainable development international conference on cases of carbon peak & neutrality and the 6th plenary meeting of International Smart Sustainable City Club (ISSCC) were held in hybrid forms on November 22 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

The event was jointly hosted by ISO/TC 268, Sustainable cities and communities, China Council for the Promotion of Nation Trade (CCPNT), SAC/TC 567, City sustainable development, and ISSCC. Representatives from 39 Members of ISSCC attended the conference, including Tang Wanjin, Vice-President of CNIS, Xing Liqiang, Director of Public Security Sub-institute of CNIS, and Dr. Yang Feng, Associate Researcher.

Dr. Yang Feng presided over the first half of the session, the 6th ISSCC Plenary Meeting. Bernard Gindroz, Chair of ISO/TC 268 and Chairman of ISSCC, highly appreciated the in-depth participation of ISSCC Members in the international standardization work on sustainable development. Also, representatives from ISSCC Members such as Madagascar, Qingdao city of Shandong province, Xiaoyi city of Shanxi province and Hangzhou Central Business District exchanged their experiences.

The second half of the conference was an international conference on "cases of carbon peak & neutrality" sustainable development, presided over by Xing Liqiang. Bernard Kindoz addressed the conference, along with Zhang Yiwen, Deputy Director-General of Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, and Hong Ming, Vice Chairman of Shangcheng District Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

During the conference, Qianjiang New City in Hangzhou and Xiaoyi city were approved as the pilot projects of ISO 37101, Sustainable development in communities. The "Sustainable Development Cases of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality 2022" was jointly released by ISSCC, ISO/TC 268 and SAC/TC 567, which was drafted based on the cases collected globally.

Moreover, attendees made keynote speeches, and representatives from selected cities, communities, service and industrial enterprises introduced their pioneering measures and long-term plans for energy conservation and decarbonization.




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