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  Why metrology matters in the digital era 2022-05-23
  Zhao Houlin's speech on World Telecommunication and Infor... 2022-05-19
  A governance framework for organizations deploying AI sys... 2022-04-29
  ISO's shared approach to fighting climate change 2022-04-26
  A measurement framework released by US to assess smart ci... 2022-03-29
  Bring ground water to the surface on World Water Day 2022-03-25
  New report focuses on convergence of AI and Industrial IoT 2022-03-22
  IEC updates standard for maritime navigation display requ... 2022-03-01
  A newly updated intl standard to guarantee privacy of bio... 2022-02-21
  China gives support to climate struggle through London De... 2022-02-11
  A new ISO standard for social media 2022-02-07
  New editions of household appliances' safety standards pu... 2022-01-29
  Circular economy: a new approach for sustainable growth 2022-01-29
  A new commented version of standard for measuring noise o... 2022-01-21
  Climate collaboration in a changing world 2022-01-20
  A new standard contributes to the efficiency of disinfect... 2022-01-19
  Standards for transformers: a good year despite COVID 2021-12-31
  ISO standard helps people better cope with risks 2021-12-31
  International standard makes space safer for future explo... 2021-12-27
  Intl' standard helps tourists find traditional cuisine 2021-12-17

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