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Chair appointed for the IEC and ISO joint committee for quantum technologies
Date: 2024-03-22    Source:IEC   

Haeseong Lee, Professor at the Department of Carbon and Nanomaterials Engineering at Jeonju University in South Korea, has just been appointed Chair of the IEC/ISO joint technical committee for quantum technologies.

The recently formed IEC/ISO JTC 3, Quantum technologies, will develop standards in the fields of quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum sources, quantum metrology, quantum detectors and quantum communications. The British Standards Institution (BSI), which hosts the IEC National Committee for the United Kingdom and is also the ISO member, will hold the Secretariat.

Professor Lee is a material scientist at Jeonju University in Korea with extensive experience in the field of nanomaterials in both academia and industry and is currently the CEO of the Research Centre of Chemistry and Physics, Ltd., Jeonju, Korea.

Since moving to Jeonju University as Professor in 2007, he has focused on collaboration between academia and industry through productizations of innovative materials such as nanomaterials and carbon materials.

Strong standards experience

Professor Lee has more than 20 years experience in standardization within both ISO and IEC, currently serving as the convenor of IEC/TC 113/WG 14 (electromagnetic compatibility on nanomaterials), ISO/TC 201/SC 9/WG 6 (Electric scanning probe microscopy), and ISO/TC 61 (Plastics) WG5 (electrical, magnetic, electromagnetical and optoelectrical properties on polymers and composites).

He is also the co-convenor of the IEC SEG 14 (Quantum technology) WG 4 (Standardization Roadmap) and was involved in the development of the IEC White Paper on quantum technologies.

Quantum technologies have immense potential to address today's global challenges, therefore it is crucial to build a solid foundation for collaboration. International Standards play a pivotal role in laying an essential common ground to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum advancements in various industries and applications.

(Source: IEC)


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