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Su Zhongmin    President & Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
Tang Wanjin    Vice President
Vice President of CNIS, also Director of of the CNIS Confidentiality Committee, Head of the CNIS Informization Leading Workgroup and Deputy Director of the CNIS Technology Committee, assigned to take charge of the General Office, Branch of Quality Management, Data Management Office, General Service Center and Preparatory Office For the National Library of Standards.
Li Aixian    Vice President and Chief Engineer
Vice President and Chief Engineer of CNIS, also Secretary-General of China Standardization and Technology Consortium for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction (STCE), Deputy Director of the CNIS Technology Committee, assigned to take charge of the Branch of Resource and Environment, National Library of Standards, National Audit Center of Industrial Products Manufacturer Licenses and Sub-Institute of Fundamental Standardization.
Wu Xiaobo    Vice President
Vice President of CNIS. After graduating from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wu Xiaobo started his career since July 1989. He has long engaged in the management of standardization and quality, working in the quality supervision bureaus in Deyang and Meishan of Sichuan, National (Sichuan) Key Technical Equipment Geometrical Metrology Station and Quality Management Department in AQSIQ successively.
Duan Lian    Deputy-Secretary of the Party Committee & Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission
Senior Editor at professor level, graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1985, Mr. Duan worked respectively in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Standards Press of China, Standardization Administration of China; he had been engaged in service standardization policy research and management for a long time, he is responsible for the standardization management related with provinces and enterprises.
Jiang Jiadong    Vice President
Li Zhiping    Vice President

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