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  Enterprise standard "forerunner": a new card of region, i... 2021-05-19
  A deeper look into enterprise standards "forerunner" syst... 2020-05-15
  Smart Translation Cloud Platform in Standardization Provi... 2019-05-13
  Chinese-English Smart Translation System in Standardizati... 2019-05-06
  Visual Health and Safety Protection Laboratory Carries ou... 2019-03-25
  CNIS organied evaluation of outstanding energy management... 2019-01-30
  The symposium on Compulsory National Standards Management... 2018-12-10
  The research group of NQI task "English-Chinese Bilingual... 2018-11-06
  Language services drive standards to better become the la... 2018-06-29
  CNIS Experts Attended the 3rd Meeting of Sino-UK Standard... 2018-05-23
  National Technical Committee on Water Conservation Holds ... 2018-02-27
  Chinese-English Bilingual Corpus Construction in Standard... 2017-03-09
  Implementation Plan Assessment for Chinese Standards Goin... 2016-11-07
  The Standardization Research Tasks Included in NQI Specia... 2016-10-14
  CNIS Receives 2016 World Green Design Contribution Award 2016-04-22
  2015 Information Collection Workshop of NSTL 2015-04-13
  Further Step towards Industrial Water Conservation 2014-12-11
  Research and information platform for key industry energy... 2013-06-14
  Production License Standardization 2011-11-10
  Population and Health Information 2011-11-09

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