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Further Step towards Industrial Water Conservation
Date: 2014-12-11   



        National Technical Committee on Industrial Water Conservation (SAC/TC 442) held a examination meeting on 4 national standards for industrial water conservation in Beijing recently. Namely, Water-saving enterprises--Ethylene industry, Norm of water intake--Part 17: Stacking-type Bauxite, Norm of water intake--Part 18: Lead smelting and Norm of water intake--Part 19: Copper smelting.

        More than 40 representatives from SAC/TC 442, industrial associations and the standards drafting team attended the meeting.

        Presided over by Bai Xue, Deputy Secretary-General of SAC/TC 442, the meeting focused on the background of the standards development, drafting process and main technical contents, etc, proposing specific revision suggestions after in-depth discussion.

        As the essential parts in the national water conservation standards system, the two series of standards for norm of water intake and water-saving enterprises play a very important role in the construction of water-saving enterprises, water licensing and planing etc.

        The four standards will further expand the range of industries and products, making positive impact on the water conservation work of petrochemical and nonferrous metal industries. They will also help to improve water consumption efficiency and management level of relevant enterprises.









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