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The symposium on Compulsory National Standards Management Measures was held in Beijing
Date: 2018-12-10   

Recently, the Mandatory National Standards Management Methods (Draft for comments) openly solicited opinions from the public, during which it received many opinions or suggestions from Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions. In order to further listen to the opinions of relevant foreign enterprises and institutions, on December 7, 2018, the Standards and Technology Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation organized a symposium on Mandatory National Standards Management Measures at the CNIS. Deputy-Director Guo Huanxin attended the meeting, nearly 40 representatives from the US embassy in China, US information industry agencies, US Chamber of Commerce in China, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, EU standardization expert's project team in China and foreign standards agencies attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Director Wei Hong of the Mandatory National Standards Management Office of the Technical Management Department.

At the meeting, Wang Yiyi, Director of the standardization theory and strategy of the CNIS, introduced Compulsory National Standards Management Methods (Draft for Comments). The participants held active and heated discussions.

The transparency of standardization work has increased in recent years and the channels for foreign-funded enterprises to participate in standardization work have become more open. Based on the experience of foreign-funded enterprises participating in standardization work at home and abroad, the participants put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions on the development of mandatory national standards and the creation of an environment for fair participation of domestic and foreign enterprises. Finally, Guo Huanxin indicated that they would seriously study and deal with the opinions and suggestions put forward by the delegates after the meeting, and revise and improve the Mandatory National Standards Management Measures (Draft for Comments) as soon as possible.

Relevant staff from the Mandatory National Standards Management Office of the Standards Technical Management Department, and the Standardization Theory and Strategy Department of CNIS, participated in the symposium.



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