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Production License Standardization
Date: 2011-11-10   

Main research directions
    1. the production license system management support, including: system of laws and regulations related to the production license to develop research, Status and trends of the domestic and foreign industrial products production license system research and related industrial policy based on production license, production license system innovation and effective studies and the like.
    2 production license technology standards support, including: the implementation of the rules of the production license reference standard adaptive research, production permit system required technical standards demand analysis.

Field characteristics and advantages
    The field based on the application of basic research and technology integration research, relying on the product review section 53 actively track and control the direction of industry technology development, vigorously supported by government, industry, actively cooperate with the broad participation of enterprises broaden the multi-joint avenues of research, in cooperation carry out technological innovation and service, exercise research team to improve academic standards, enhanced services market, to promote the sustainable development of the field.

Research projects and achievements
    1. organize and participate in the development of the 61 major categories of industrial products production license 317 Revision Implementing Rules;
    2. carry out product quality safety supervision system information platform construction research "," industrial production permit product standards adaptive research "," standardized Alliance Partner Selection "," cement production permit work industrial policy industrial products production license review mechanism, "the quality of the production and processing of food industry security situation in depth research and food production license examiners system" and a number of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of science and technology projects with the central basic research operating expenses projects;
    3. to participate in the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "quality administrative licensing business management system construction project".

Research team
    The existing research team consists of 16 people, including six people with senior titles, 11 people with doctoral or master's degree, specializing in multi-disciplinary involving geology, materials science, economics, chemistry, law, computer, food science.




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