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A deeper look into enterprise standards "forerunner" system in 2019
Date: 2020-05-15    Source:CNIS   

CNIS recently published the report on the development of enterprise standards "forerunner" system in 2019. The report is an overview of how CNIS has promoted the establishment of the system and its exploration of effectively conducting standardization work in a market-driven environment in 2019.

In the past year, great progress has been made in the implementation of self-declaration disclosure of enterprise standards and the "forerunner" system. First of all, the number of enterprise standards disclosed through self-declaration hit a record high, exceeding one million at April and 1.24 million at the end of 2019. Eighty-three percent of them are developed independently by enterprises.

Second, the evaluation mechanism and platform for enterprise standards "forerunner" have been improved. CNIS developed the plan for implementing the "forerunner" system, defined the evaluation procedures and established the needed information platform.

Third, the enterprise standards ranking list and "forerunners" have been disclosed to the public. In the 100 key areas for implementing the "forerunner" system in 2019 determined by the State Administration for Market Regulation, over 380 ranking lists have been released in the whole year, together with 317 "forerunners" in 92 sectors such as consumer goods, equipment manufacturing and services. Those actions have effectively encouraged enterprises to disclose higher-level standards and provide high-quality products and services that conform to the requirements of "forerunner" standards.

Fourth, social recognition and impact of the system have been remarkably improved. Till now, 21 provinces and cities have issued preferential policies for "forerunners", arousing enterprises' interest in participating in relevant work. Besides, relevant work has been included in the themed activities for celebrating the World Standards Day, and related training activities have been organized in a lot of cities. The enterprise standards "forerunner" has been reported by leading media in China for more than 6,000 times during the whole year.



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