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IEC at the OVE Innovation Day 2023
Date: 2023-11-21    Source:IEC   

The Austrian Electrotechnical Association, OVE, is organizing the OVE Innovation Day 2023 on 16 November 2023, with the focus being on "Green Tech" and the role of standardization as a driver for innovation.

Business representatives and industry insiders are coalescing to discuss innovative tech solutions that have established themselves on the market, new research in promising areas and the ways in which standardization can support the move to a more sustainable economy.

The IEC was represented at the event by Jo Cops, IEC President, Philippe Metzger, IEC Secretary-General and CEO and Vimal Mahendru, Chair of the Standardization Management Board (SMB).

Jo Cops opened the event alongside Peter Reichel, OVE Secretary-General. In his speech, the IEC President paid tribute to Christian Gabriel, previous head of standardization at OVE who passed away unexpectedly in August. On the theme of "Green Tech" he emphasized how "standards and conformity assessment systems are paving the way for sustainable technology and solutions".

Both he and Vimal Mahendru, who gave a talk on "Green Tech and the strategic initiatives at the IEC", underscored how the IEC's strategic vision aligns with the pursuit of sustainable technology and solutions.

The three pillars of the IEC strategy were elucidated, each playing a crucial role in fostering innovation and addressing contemporary challenges.

The first strategic goal is about enabling a digital and all-electric society. In an age dominated by digitalization, the IEC stands as a global authority in setting standards and conformity assessment services for all electrical and electronic technologies. By establishing a foundation for a seamless digital and all-electric society, the IEC empowers innovators to concentrate on creating groundbreaking solutions that can redefine industries and improve lives.

The second strategic pillar focuses on fostering a sustainable world. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, including the pressing issue of climate change, IEC International Standards and Conformity Assessment systems for green technologies and renewable energy sources assume unprecedented importance. They not only address environmental concerns but also act as catalysts for economic growth, encouraging the development of innovative technologies that can shape a more sustainable future.

The third strategic goal is to lead on trust, inclusion, and collaboration. The speakers underscored the IEC commitment to creating a global platform for collaboration that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. By fostering a culture of trust and inclusion, the IEC ensures that innovators worldwide, irrespective of their background, can contribute to the organization's mission. This commitment to diversity of thought and expertise is integral to driving innovation and progress on a global scale.

Philippe Metzger then participated in a panel discussion on the role of standardization in the context of the system change towards a sustainable economy.

(Source: IEC)


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