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CNIS leads the development of sectoral standard for emergency shelters
Date: 2024-03-22    Source:CNIS   

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Emergency Management of China, YJ/T 26-2024, Emergency shelter - Allocation of facilities, equipment and supplies, was officially released on March 20, the development of which was led by the Sub-institute of Public Safety, CNIS.

The standard consists of six parts, scope, documents of normative citation, terms and definitions, general requirements, function settings and allocation requirements, graded and classified allocation requirements.

YJ/T 26-2024 puts forward the principles including adjusting measures to local conditions, grading and classification, adjusting allocation to demands, developing corresponding system, and integrating usual and emergency, to realize the high-quality allocation of emergency shelters, facilities, equipment and supplies, which are divided into 25 types, such as emergency gathering and distribution, emergency accommodation, as well as command and management. Also, specific allocation requirements are put forward according to the different demands of emergency, short-term, and long-term shelters at levels of village/community, town/street, county/district, city and province.

The sectoral standard provides practical guidance for the improvement of the planning, construction, management, maintenance, and utilization of emergency shelters. The Sub-institute of Public Safety will vigorously cooperate with the Ministry of Emergency Management to carry out standards promotion and training, to help standards users understand standard context and technical requirements, and facilitate the effective implementation of the standard.



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