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Guests from Microsoft visit CNIS and give keynote lecture
Date: 2024-03-15    Source:CNIS   

Jason Matusow, General Manager of Corporate Standards Group, Microsoft Corporation, and his companion visited CNIS on March 14, who was welcomed by Luo Fangping, President of CNIS, Li Zhiping, Vice President of CNIS, and representatives from the International Cooperation Department and the Sub-institute of Standardization Theory and Strategy, CNIS.

The two sides introduced the latest development of the organizations, and discussed issues such as standardization practice and development trends in the field of science and technology. It is expected that Microsoft and CNIS will further promote communication and cooperation to contribute to global standardization cause.

After the meeting, Li Zhiping moderated the 60th Standardization Lecture, and Jason Matusow delivered a lecture themed "Enduring Principles for Standardization and Governance", which was attended by the staff of CNIS departments and China Standard Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. in hybrid forms.

Mr. Matusow introduced the subjects of standardization activities and the interactive relationship among them, and expounded on the principles of standards development, including voluntary, openness, diversity and inclusiveness. Facing challenges in the process of standardization, he shared the measures to tackle the relationship of innovation and competition, relevance and university, diversity and inclusiveness, and other issues. Moreover, Mr. Matusow communicated with CNIS experts about the new trends of standardization principles and methodology and other topics.


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