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CNIS jointly holds meeting on high-quality development of energy revolution pilots in Shanxi
Date: 2024-03-25    Source:CNIS   

Organized by Shanxi Administration for Market Regulation and assisted by the Sub-institute of Standards Information of CNIS, the meeting on standardization facilitating high-quality development of energy revolution pilots was held on March 19 in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province.

Moderated by Guo Xin'an, Deputy Director-General of Shanxi Administration for Market Regulation, the meeting was attended by Wei Hong, Deputy Director-General of Standards Technical Management of State Administration for Market Regulation, Li Zhiping, Vice President of CNIS, experts and scholars in fields of energy and standardization, as well as representatives of enterprises in Shanxi.

At the meeting, questions and demands were proposed by enterprises, with experts offering ideas and solutions, and administrative departs answering questions and explaining policies. The attendees vigorously made suggestions on how to exert the leading and supporting role of standards in propelling energy revolution.

Shanxi ought to implement various measures to open a new chapter of standardization work, strengthen the awareness about and capability of standardization, makes the list of key standards for further development, establish a think-tank of energy experts in Shanxi, and let enterprises participate in standards development and benefit from standards implementation, said Wei Hong.

According to Guo Xin'an, the leading and supporting role of standards in energy revolution promotion should be fully exerted. Efforts will be made to encourage enterprises, public institutions and civil organizations to participate in the development of international, national and sectoral standards, and accelerate the promotion of Shanxi's products and services via the promotion of Shanxi standards.

CNIS will give Shanxi Administration for Market Regulation its full support to facilitate the all-round improvement of standardization capabilities of energy industry in Shanxi, said Li Zhiping.


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