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Celebrating 25 Years of ASRO: contributing to a better society
Date: 2023-10-05    Source:CEN   

The Romanian Standards Association (ASRO) marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Established on 2nd October 1998, ASRO has unwaveringly championed for quality, safety, and efficiency, shaping the Romanian market as an integral part of the European Single Market.

After 70 years of standardization during which various state institutions performed the functions of Romania's standards body, a new public-private partnership was established in 1998, by means of an association of members. This journey was initiated by the collective vision of 106 founding members comprising major stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and research, and was aligned with Romania's integration into the European Union, bringing about tangible advancements across societal domains through the adoption and dissemination of European standards.

Reflecting on its 25-year trajectory, ASRO celebrates a period of increasing relevance and influence in Romanian society. With a growing membership and a national collection of over 35.000 active Romanian standards, the organization has evolved into a knowledge hub and the backbone of national development. Over the years, ASRO has actively engaged in European and international standardization, contributing to the development of European and international standards through its involvement and active participation in standardization organizations CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO, and IEC. This engagement has ensured the alignment of national standards with EU requirements, facilitating the access of Romanian products and services to the European market.

Standards are essential tools of compliance with legal requirements, facilitating trade and protecting consumers while simultaneously providing a fair competitive ground for companies. Standardization remains a fundamental pillar contributing to sustainable economic growth and innovation, especially within our country's key industries.

Standardization activity has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic development of technologies and the business environment. Surpassing the technical framework, today, standardization is engaged in defining methods and specifications inherent, among others, to additive manufacturing, digital platforms, e-commerce, corporate governance, the electric vehicle charging network, robotics technologies, Artificial Intelligence applications, the energy efficiency of buildings and the digitalization of services.

On this occasion, ASRO extends its gratitude to all founding members, partners, and experts who have made this remarkable 25-year journey possible. With one eye towards the past and the other towards the future, ASRO continues to commit to the development of excellent standards, the digitalization of its processes, and to building a safer, more efficient, and sustainable society.

(Source: CEN)


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