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New cooperation agreement between CEN and CENELEC and SAC
Date: 2022-09-23    Source:CEN   


On Thursday 22 September 2022, on the occasion of the ISO General Meeting in Abu Dhabi, CEN and CENELEC signed a Cooperation Agreement with SAC, the Standardization Administration of China.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC's Director General, and Mr. Xie Jun, Director General of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Market Regulation of China, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

Through this new Cooperation Agreement, both organizations reaffirm their commitment to prioritizing and strengthening the international standardization system under the leadership of ISO and IEC.

Other areas of cooperation covered by the agreement include general information exchange, regular meetings, expert seminars and training, joint events to promote public awareness on standardization, support to regulatory dialogues between the EU and the Chinese government and technical exchanges.

The new Agreement will run for five years, renewable for further five years.

(Source: CEN)


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