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Series local standards for Xin'an City construction released
Date: 2024-03-21    Source:CNIS   

The Xin'an City (peaceful mind city) refers to a harmonious city with beautiful and livable environment, where urbanites enjoy a happy life and have a rational, peaceful and positive mentality.

To boost the construction of Xin'an city, series local standards DB3716/T 68-2024, Indicator system for Xin'an City construction, were officially released on March 20, at the Meeting for the Experience Exchange of National Social Psychological Service System Construction in Binzhou city, Shandong province, which was jointly held by CPC Binzhou Municipal Committee, Binzhou Municipal Government and National Center for Mental Health, China.

Luo Fangping, Party Secretary and President of CNIS, was invited to attend the meeting, and Cao Lili, Director of the Sub-institute of Standardization Theory and Strategy of CNIS, gave a presentation on the drafting and development of the series standards on the indicator system for Xin'an City construction at the meeting.

The development of the standards is supported by the Sub-institute of Standardization Theory and Strategy, CNIS, commissioned by Binzhou Administration for Market Regulation. On the basis of the standardization construction of quality cities, the standards focus on five major tasks of "safety, employment, settlement, health, and peace of mind", take the lead in building the indicator system for Xin'an City construction across the nation, and explore a new path to boost the high-quality development of Xin'an City by standardization.

With rich contents, clear targets and high operability, the standards will provide fundamental support and technical guidance for Binzhou to build a Xin'an City, further providing reference for the construction of social psychological service system in other cities.


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