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Annual meeting of SAC/TC 286 held in Beijing
Date: 2024-01-29    Source:CNIS   

The 2023 annual meeting of SAC/TC 286, Standardization principles and methods, was held in Beijing on January 25, which was hosted by Bai Dianyi, Chair of SAC/TC 286, Researcher and former Vice President of CNIS, and participated by over 30 attendees, including its members, consultants, secretariat staff, and leaders of CNIS.

Li Zhiping, Vice President of CNIS, introduced the status of research and development of CNIS, and the overall considerations of strengthening the management of the technical committee. He thanked the support of the committee members and relevant experts, and promised that CNIS, as the secretariat of the technical committee, will strengthen the management of and service for SAC/TC 286, providing solid support for the work on standardization principles and methods.

Pang Zhenghu, CNIS Researcher and Secretary-General of SAC/TC 286, presented the work of 2023 and plans for 2024 in the annual work report of the committee. Li Jia, CNIS Associate Researcher and Member of SAC/TC 286/SC 1 on standardization evaluation, reported the work of the subcommittee in 2023 on behalf of the secretariat. Attendees discussed and approved the reports, and put forward suggestions on future work.

Ding Shuwei, Vice Chair of SAC/TC 286 and Researcher from AVIC China Aero-polytechnology Establishment, was invited to give the training class entitled "development of military standards".

Established in December 2005, SAC/TC 286 is responsible for the standardization work on standardization principles and methods, with CNIS holding the secretariat. Following directions of the National Standardization Development Outline, work plans for 2024 and suggestions of committee members, the committee will concentrate on perfecting standards system, supporting standardization legislation, promoting and implementing standards, and other key aspects, to practically support the development of China's standardization work.


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