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Annual meeting of SAC/SWG 23 convened
Date: 2022-12-16    Source:CNIS   

The annual meeting of SAC/SWG 23, Specialized agricultural service, was held virtually on December 12. More than 30 attendees participated the meeting, including committee members from governmental departments, universities, research institutes, enterprises, etc. and representatives of the standards drafting group.

Yun Zhenyu, Secretary-General of SAC/SWG 23 and Director of Food and Agriculture Sub-institute of CNIS, hosted the meeting. He summarized the work of 2022 in aspects of development and revision of standards, review of standards, promotion and training of standards, self-construction of SAC/SWG 23, use of funds, existing problems, etc.

After Yun proposed the work plan of SAC/SWG 23 for 2023, attendees had a full discussion on the work plan and put forward many specific suggestions. Also, attendees discussed and voted on the revised draft of the Rules of the Standardization Working Group on Specialized Agricultural Service and the adjustment of the working group members.

The review meeting on three national standards was held simultaneously, which are Socialized agricultural service - Specifications on greenhouse construction service, General rules for the evaluation of rural property rights transfer and transaction services, and Supply service of agricultural means of production - Specifications on evaluation of agricultural means of production supplier.

SAC/SWG 23 will vigorously implement work plans in 2023, continue to improve the national standards system for socialized agricultural services. Further efforts will be made to accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, by comprehensively improving the quality of standards, enhancing the promotion and implementation of standards, and encouraging cooperation and exchanges in the industry.

Established in 2021, SAC/SWG 23 takes charge of the national standards for agricultural input provision service, seed breeding and extension service, agricultural production service, agricultural technology promotion service, agricultural product circulation service, agricultural information services, and rural property rights management. It has released 32 national standards so far.


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