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International Symposium on Standardization Strategy and Academic Meeting of China Standardization Experts Committee Held in Beijing
Date: 2018-12-05   

In order to implement the standardization strategy and promote the research of the "China Standards 2035" project, the international symposium on standardization strategy and the academic meeting of the China Standardization Experts Committee was held in Beijing Conference Center on November 28, 2018. nearly 300 persons including the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts from the China Standardization Experts Committee, well-known scholars from research institutes and universities, heads of relevant departments and representatives of enterprises, and heads of national and regional standards organizations from the United States and the European Union attended the meeting. Tian Shihong, Deputy Administrator of the State Administration for Market Regulation and Administrator of the SAC, and Deng Xiuxin, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the meeting and delivered a speech respectively. Academician Wu Hequan, Chairman of the China Standardization Experts Committee, presided over the morning symposium.

Tian Shihong stressed that China's promotion of the implementation of the standardization strategy, on the one hand, is to practice the new development concept, promote high-quality development with high standards, and constantly meet people's aspirations for a better life; on the other hand, it is to adapt to the development of economic globalization, promote the compatibility of China with international and foreign standard systems, and promote productivity cooperation and economic and trade facilitation through standards interconnection. The formulation and implementation of China's standardization strategy should focus on promoting high-quality economic development, strengthening the bottom line of quality and safety with the most stringent standards, meeting the demand for upgrading the consumption structure with the most applicable standards, promoting structural reform on the supply side with the most effective standards, and promoting harmonious development between man and nature with the most scientific standards. We should focus on boosting innovation-driven development, actively connect the fourth industrial revolution with the national Innovation-driven development strategy, deepen the reform of the standardization system and mechanism, open up a standards channel for new technology to new industries, promote the construction of standards systems in emerging fields such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and support the construction of an innovative country with services.  We should focus on open cooperation and sharing development, actively integrate into international standardization activities, learn from the successful experience of international and foreign standardization strategies, promote mutual compatibility between China and other national standardization strategies, policies and systems, promote mutual recognition of standards, and make China's contribution to building a community of human destiny and promoting economic and social prosperity and development.

Deng Xiuxin said that the Chinese Academy of Engineering will encourage and support more academicians and experts to actively participate in international and domestic standardization work, support them to participate in or preside over the development of international standards and important national standards, and strive to contribute to the improvement of China's international standards.

The conference also conducted group discussions on issues such as "standards and patents", " standards to facilitate international trade" and " standards to promote the development of SMEs". Prior to the meeting, letters of appointment were issued to the newly appointed advisors of the China Standardization Experts Committee, Academician Zhao Xiangeng, Academician Zhu Gaofeng, Academician Gan Yong, and Dr. Elizabeth Stampfl-Blaha, CEO of The Austrian Standards Institute, as well as the newly appointed member Song Mingshun, President of China Jiliang University.



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