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National Energy Conservation Week 2023 launched
Date: 2023-07-11    Source:CNIS   

National Energy Conservation Week is an important annual chance to spread the concept of energy conservation, raise the awareness of energy conservation, and promote energy conservation for all.

The 33rd National Energy Conservation Week on July 10-16 was themed "joint hands towards energy conservation and carbon reduction". During the week-long campaign, NDRC and relevant departments closely focused on the goals and tasks of carbon peak and neutrality, and deployed various publicity and education activities. The launching ceremony was held in Guangzhou on July 10.

The event mainly included four activities on new application of technologies, new upgrading of standards, new action of enterprises and new strength of role models. With the guidance of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), CNIS' Branch of Resource and Environment Research supported the design and implementation of an activity on the effect of the upgrading and application of energy conservation standards and labelling.

Lin Ling, Director of the Branch, gave a report to systematically review the development of energy conservation standards and labelling in China, and showcase the remarkable achievements in the research and application of energy conservation technologies, product energy efficiency improvement, industrial transformation and development, national energy conservation and carbon reduction, etc.

To better support the campaign, CNIS together with e-commerce platforms and household appliance enterprises launched a system for consumers to win reward points by green consumption of key products, and organized the standards development for carbon reduction accounting of products such as energy-efficient household appliances, low-carbon textile products, and green packaging as a reference for reward points.

The White Paper for Energy Efficient Standards and Labeling Program (2023) was released by both CNIS and SAC/TC 20 on energy fundamentals and management at the event.

As required by NDRC, the Branch also supported the campaign by releasing signed articles and explanatory videos, making contribution to enhancing the publicity of concepts and knowledge related to intensive, green and low-carbon ecological development and steadily raising the awareness and capability of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the whole society.



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