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WG meetings of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 on Six Sigma application held
Date: 2023-02-13    Source:CNIS   

Four working groups of ISO/TC 69/SC 7, Applications of statistical and related techniques for the implementation of Six Sigma, convened virtual meetings separately on February 6-10, which were attended by a dozen of experts from China, the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Germany, Ireland, etc.

The secretariat of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 is held by the Fundamental Standardization Sub-institute of CNIS, and Zhang Fan, Associate Researcher of CNIS and Committee Manager of SC 7, presided over the meetings.

The subcommittee has already established four working groups, which are AHG 4, Six Sigma terminology, WG 1, Design of experiments, WG 2, Process measurement and measurement capability, and WG 3, Six Sigma methodology. The convenors of these working groups come from Japan, China and the U.K.

Meetings of the working groups were held separately to thoroughly discuss on key technical issues of 5 standards, including Lean and Six Sigma terminology, exploratory data analysis, quantitative methods in Lean and Six Sigma process improvement, capability requirements for key personnel and their organizations implementing Lean and Six Sigma, etc. They also introduced the latest progress of the projects and made further work plans.

Ding Wenxing, Director of Fundamental Standardization Sub-institute of CNIS, and Xie Tianfa, Professor at Beijing University of Technology, hosted relevant discussion, as the project leaders of "Quantitative methods in Six Sigma and Lean process improvement - Part 2: Tools and techniques and "Exploratory data analysis" respectively. The following working group meetings will be held in June.



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