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CNIS hosts 42nd Standardization Lecture
Date: 2023-02-13   

Presided over by Li Zhiping, Vice President of CNIS, the 42nd Standardization Lecture was held in hybrid form on February 8, which was attended by leaders and representatives of CNIS and China Standard Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.

The Standardization Lecture series event is a platform for standardizers to exchange knowledge and explore better methods of standardization work. As the first gathering in 2023, the lecture was themed "high-risk issues of research expenditure from the perspective of audit", which was given by Shi Yinwang, director of a Beijing law firm.

Focusing on common high-risk issues of research expenditure and matters that need attention in budget implementation, Shi introduced the workflow of social audit and national audit, exemplified cases of common issues, and helped attendees have a better understanding of audit and latent risks of spending research funds.

The event combined theory with detailed examples, which facilitated the reasonable and effective use of research funds of CNIS.



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