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CNIS experts attend the annual meeting of ISO/TC 145
Date: 2022-11-16    Source:CNIS   

The annual meeting of ISO/TC 145,Graphic symbols, was virtually convened on November 7-11, which was attended by some 30 experts from P-members of ISO.

China is the P-member of ISO/TC 145 and its three sub-committees, which are ISO/TC 145/SC 1, Public information symbols, ISO/TC 145/SC 2, Safety identifications, signs, shapes, symbols and colours, and ISO/TC 145/SC 3, Graphical symbols for use on equipment.

Led by researcher Chen Yongquan from the Fundamental Standardization Sub-institute, CNIS, the Chinese delegation of 11 experts, which include representatives from domestic enterprises, participated in the annual meeting of ISO/TC 145 and its sub-committees.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the annual meeting of ISO/TC 145 has been suspended for two years since it was held in London in 2019. Recently, China has vigorously participated in the international standardization work of ISO/TC 145, submitting proposals on safety signs in various aspects, such as winter sports and pandemic prevention and control.

The meeting offers an opportunity for China to communicate with oversea experts and better understand the focus and the direction in the field of graphic symbol standardization, which will further facilitate China's effort in this area. Also, by encouraging enterprises interested in international standardization work to attend the meeting, CNIS has laid a favorable foundation for the future participation of developing international standards for graphic symbols.



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