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CNIS supports China's first local standard on digital village
Date: 2022-12-01    Source:CNIS   

To promote the standardization work on digital village construction, the Hebi Administration for Market Regulation in Henan province has entrusted the Food and Agriculture Sub-institute of CNIS with the development of two local standards, which have been released recently.

As part of the series of standards on digital village, the two local standards are DB 4106/T 67-2022, Guidelines on digital village construction, and DB 4106/T 68-2022, Evaluation index system on development level of digital village, which are China's first batch of local standards in this field.

Based on in-depth investigation and analysis of the status quo of digital construction in Hebi city, the Food and Agriculture Sub-institute of CNIS develops guidelines on digital village construction, focusing on infrastructure, digital village, smart agriculture, smart park, digital e-commerce, safeguard measure, etc. Also, the evaluation index system of the development level of digital village is established, covering dimensions such as information infrastructure, modernization of rural governance, smart and green villages, digital livelihood, industrial digitization and farmers' digital literacy.

Recently, the Food and Agriculture Sub-institute of CNIS has carried out researches on standardization of digital village, and has taken many digital village standardization projects.

Praised by Hebi Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, the work of CNIS will lead the standardized construction of digital villages in Hebi, measure the construction level of digital villages in Hebi, and provides reference for Henan province and even the whole nation.



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