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Ding Wenxing reelected Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7
Date: 2022-12-30    Source:CNIS   

Ding Wenxing, Director of Fundamental Standardization Sub-institute of CNIS, was reelected the Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7, Applications of statistical and related techniques for the implementation of Six Sigma.

Six Sigma is a method that offers organizations tools to improve their capabilities in managing their businesses. It can reduce defect rates, improve employee morale, and improve the quality of products or services, which all contribute to a higher level of profitability.

Ding has undertaken the Chair of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 since 2017. He has been working with experts from different countries to apply statistical technologies of Six Sigma to specific production and service scenarios of various industries, and developed relevant operation instructions, which helps personnel working on Six Sigma management to better utilize statistical methods to analyze and interpret data during production or service process.

With enterprises deepening digital transformation in production process, ISO/TC 69/SC 7 also continues to focus on how statistical technology manage to realize the whole process management of product quality in the context of big data. Currently a batch of international standards are under development, covering design, tools and data analysis of Six Sigma. It will promote the in-depth integration of traditional quality management tools and digitalization processes, and carry forward the advantages of statistical methods when it comes to modern quality management.

Established in 2008, the secretariat of ISO/TC 69/SC 7 is held by CNIS. The sub-committee works on developing technical reports or technical specifications that enable users to use Six Sigma management tools to improve management processes or products, as well as international standards for Six Sigma related statistical technologies. There are currently four working groups, covering design of experiments, process measurement and measurement capability, Six Sigma methodology, and Six Sigma terminology.



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