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Sectoral standards on construction of social emergency forces published
Date: 2022-11-01    Source:CNIS   

With the support of Sub-institute of Public Safety Standardization, CNIS, a series of sectoral standards including YJ/T 1.1-2022, Basic normative requirements for the construction of social emergency forces-Part 1: General requirements, were recently published by Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM).

The series of standards consist of six parts, including general requirements, structural collapse search & rescue, wild search & rescue, water surface search & rescue, dive rescue and emergency medical rescue. They provide requirements for five categories of social emergency forces in the aspects such as basic principles, grading and classification, basic requirements, organizational structure, capacity building, equipment construction, training and rehearsals as well as capacity evaluation.

According to statistics, the social emergency personnel registered in nationwide departments of civil affairs have reached over 40,000, who gradually become an important part of national emergency forces.

The standards are the first set of sectoral standards in the field of disaster mitigation and relief and comprehensive emergency management published by MEM since its establishment. They fill the gap in the fields of disaster rescue and mitigation as well as emergency management, which will effectively regulate the construction and usage of various social emergency forces. 


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