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CNIS experts attend the first plenary meeting of ISO/PC 335
Date: 2022-10-09    Source:CNIS   

The first plenary meeting of ISO/PC 335, Guidelines for organizations to increase consumer understanding of online terms and conditions, was held online on October 5. Experts from Standardization of Modern Services Sub-Institute of CNIS and Beijing Union University attended the meeting on behalf of China.

Expert from ISO Central Secretariat introduced directives of ISO to the attendees and the working scope of ISO/PC 335, and reported its work in the previous stage. Also, experts from ISO/TC 321, Transaction assurance in E-commerce, expounded the crossed working scope of ISO/PC 335 and ISO/PWI 32121, a preliminary work item on guidelines for developing rules of e-commerce platforms.

Attendees discussed the organization of ISO/PC 335/WG 1, whose convenor and experts will be selected in the near future. The first meeting of ISO/PC 335/WG 1 will be held in due time as well.

ISO/PC 335 focuses on developing an international standard for increasing consumer understanding of online terms, and helps providers at all levels to design and present succinct online terms of service, which secures consumers' lawful rights, such as the right to be informed and the right of fair trade.

The Standardization of Modern Services Sub-Institute of CNIS is the national counterpart of ISO/PC 335 in China. CNIS experts will participate in the entire development process of the standard, and share China's experience in this field.



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