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Two national standards on education services published
Date: 2020-10-13    Source:CNIS   

National standards on distance and community education services was published on September 28, 2020, which was spearheaded by the Sub-institute of Service Standardization of CNIS and jointly drafted by National Collaboration Group for Modern Distance Education in Universities, National Center for Schooling Development Programme, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics and China Jiliang University.

The two standards set out normative requirements for distance and community education services in terms of service providers and recipients, service resources, service delivery processes and service assessment and improvement. It will provide technical support and guidance for distance and community education service in the new normal of epidemic prevention and control.

Education and learning service standardization is a traditional strength of the Sub-institute. National Education Service Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 443), the mirror committee of ISO/TC 232, was established in 2009 and its secretariat was held by the Sub-institute. Up to now, SAC/TC 443 has led or organized the development of 18 national standards, 4 international standards, and 14 association standards in the areas from adult education and training, early education, to campus safety. It plays a key role in supporting the establishment of lifelong education system and constantly meeting the people's increasing needs for fairer, high-quality education.


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