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English version of Modern Standardization Method—Comprehensive Standardization published
Date: 2020-06-24    Source:CNIS    Source:Liu Zhiyang   

Recently, the English version of Modern Standardization Methods--Comprehensive Standardization, which belongs to the NQI special subject of National Key Research and Development Program "English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus in Standardization and Ontology Knowledge System Construction", was officially published by Standards Press of China. This is the first English version of Chinese expert's book about standardization method and practice in China.

The late Mr. Li Chuntian, a famous Chinese standardization expert, devoted years of painstaking efforts to the book, which is also the result of his lifelong practices in standardization. The book starts with the origin of comprehensive standardization and introduces the theory, methods and roles of comprehensive standardization, especially successful practice and exploration process in China. It showcases the actual effect and broad application prospect of comprehensive standardization from industry to enterprise. It is a rare high-quality textbook in China's standardization field.

The translation of the book was initially completed in only a few minutes through the "Chinese-English Bilingual Smart Translation Cloud Platform in Standardization" developed under the NQI task. Based on authoritative bilingual corpus in standardization and smart translation technology, the first translation version has high accuracy, with format consistent with the Chinese version. The platform greatly improved the translation efficiency of the book and accelerated the publication of the translated version. In order to ensure the quality of the translated works, the task leader Liu Zhiyang led to establish a translation review and editing team composed of chief representatives of international, regional and foreign standardization organizations, international standardization experts and editors-in-chief of English magazine of standardization.

The publication of this book aims to share Chinese standardization method and practice with the international standardization circle, contributing Chinese wisdom to the development of international standardization.



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