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CNIS promotes the research on the standards system of public health emergency response
Date: 2020-06-03    Source:CNIS   

A project meeting on the research of standards system on public health emergency response was held in North China University of Technology in Beijing on April 29. The Branch of Public Security Standardization Research of CNIS led the implementation of the project, which is supported by the Standards Technical Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR).

The event attracted Gan Xiaobin, Director of Department of Science and Technology of MIIT, Zhao Haiping, Director of Science and Technology Information Bureau of Ministry of Public Security, Chen Shaoyun, Director of Policy and Regulation Department of Ministry of Emergency Management, and 13 experts from the university, research institute and related national standardization technical committees. Xing Liqiang, Director of Branch of Public Security Standardization Research of CNIS chaired the event.

Participants introduced background, tasks, work requirements and phased progress of the project. Based on the triangular framework for public security, the project group built the framework of public health emergency response standards system, proposed the development of key standards urgently needed, and provided advice on building an inter-departmental and cross-sector coordination mechanism through the whole standardization process. Those experts all agreed that to construct the standards system needs to distinguish between standards and laws/regulations. They also proposed to establish a rapid standards proposal, conversion and application mechanism in a state of emergency, so as to accelerate the development of key standards that are absent and demanded in the fight against COVID-19.

Xu Changxing, Deputy Director-General of the Standards Technical Management Department of SAMR, called for the cooperation and coordination of relevant departments and active participation of experts in relevant areas to improve the standards system, and rapid develop emergently needed standards and put forward policy recommendations on standards application.



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