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CNIS helps improve water conservation standards in Beijing
Date: 2020-06-03    Source:CNIS   

Beijing Water Authority and Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation jointly issued the Plan for Implementing the Project of Improving a Hundred of Water Conservation Standards in Beijing (2020-2023) recently. The document was compiled under the support of Branch of Resource and Environment Research of CNIS.

Water, as fundamental natural resources and strategic economic resources, is essential for safeguarding national and public interests and protecting ecologic environment. Water conservation is vital for safeguarding water safety in Beijing, a water-stressed, super-large city. In the past few years, great progress has been made in building water-saving society, for instance, water use efficiency has been remarkably increased. However, problems in water use and imbalance between the supply and demand of water remain to be solved through improved water resources management measures.

Water conservation standards are an important pillar of water conservation policies, and an effective means of water conservation and management. The project of improving a hundred of water conservation standards in Beijing is part of the efforts to implement the national action plan on water conservation and the implementation plan for promoting the construction of standards system driving high-quality development in Beijing. The aim is to build a standards system on water conservation in all sectors such as agriculture and services and in the whole process of water use in Beijing by 2023, mainly through a quota system for water use and with water conservation evaluation as a supplement. The project can therefore provide support for the development and implementation of policies on the management of water use plan and water conservation appraisal in the city.

As one of the supporting organizations for implementing the Plan, Branch of Resource and Environment Research will continue to improve water conservation standards system, contribute to the water conservation evaluation and management and secure water resource for the city. 



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