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CNIS experts of NQI research group went to SIS for academic exchange and standards information cooperation
Date: 2019-06-25    Source:Standards Information Institute, National Library of Standards    

In order to better promote the research task of the NQI special project of the National Key Research And Development Plan, and promote standards information sale cooperation, learn from the successful experience of standardization organizations in developed countries in the construction of standardization knowledge systems and the overseas promotion of standards, and exchange the research results of China in the field of standards big data and Chinese-English smart translation system in standardization, on June 13, 2019, the key members of the research group "Construction of Chinese - English Bilingual Corpus and Ontology Knowledge System" went to Sweden's National Standardization Organization (SIS) to exchange the research results and conduct in-depth research on the mode of overseas promotion of standards. SIS attached the importance to this exchange and cooperation. Gran Blomqvist, Director of SIS Marketing, Fredrik Fehn, Head of Product Development, and Goran Maurin, Head of Strategic Purchasing attended the meeting. Gran Blomqvist presided over the meeting and gave a comprehensive introduction to the overall work of SIS.  

This exchange mainly discussed with SIS experts on research and development and utilization of standards big data, cooperation of standards information, research results of NQI special topics, Chinese - English Bilingual smart translation cloud platform in standardization, etc. Gan Keqin, Director of the Information Technology of the National Library of Standards, introduced the development and application of the national standards document sharing service platform and standards big data, demonstrated the standards drafting organization's big data analysis system, standards index extraction and comparison system, and expounded the multi-dimensional analysis of the standards development contribution and the application effect of this work in standard comparison between China and foreign countries. The contents of the exchange aroused great interest and heated discussions among ASI experts.

Liu Zhiyang, the group leader, introduced the purpose, significance, design concept and main functions of the “Chinese - English Bilingual Smart Translation Cloud Platform In Standardization " and demonstrated various functions of the platform online. 

Zhang Baolin, Director of the Standards Information Service of the National Center of Standards Evaluation (NCSE), introduced the international standards distribution system and conducted a deep discussion with SIS experts on implementing the agreement of standards sale between NCSE and SIS. SIS experts exchanged detailed information on standards information collection, standards sales policies, sales models and other issues.

This exchange and cooperation meeting has effectively communicated the standards information cooperation agreement between China and Sweden, which is of great significance for deepening the standards information cooperation between China and Sweden. At the same time, through the exchange of NQI project results, it demonstrated the role of the English-Chinese intelligent translation platform in standards translation and the promotion of Chinese standards abroad. Through the demonstration of the development and utilization of standard big data, SIS experts got to know that standards big data statistics is helpful to the government's standardization work. In addition, we are deeply inspired by SIS's innovative standardization concept and successful experience in international standardization, especially SIS's integration of a strong standards culture into the working environment is worth to learning for us.



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