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CNIS Experts Visit ASI for Academic Exchange and Cooperation
Date: 2019-06-21    Source:Standards Information Institute, National Library of Standards    

In order to better promote the research tasks of the special project Research and Application in Common Technology for National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) which belongs to the National Key Research and Development Plan, learn from the successful experience of standardization organizations in developed countries in the construction of standardization systems and the overseas promotion of standards, and exchange the research results of China in the field of standards big data and explore standards information cooperation between CNIS and ASI, on June 12, 2019, led by Zhiyang Liu, Researcher & Chief Expert, the key members of the research group "Construction of English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus in standardization and Ontology Knowledge System" visited the Austrian Standards International (ASI).

ASI attaches great importance to communication and cooperation with CNIS, and has made careful preparations and thoughtful arrangement in terms of participants and schedule. ASI Managing Director Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha took time out of his busy schedule to attend and preside over the meeting. Vice President Wolfgang Steigenberger, Director of Standards Wilhelm Takats, Director of Sales Florian Wollner, Director of Data Integration Services Peter Johann Wimmer-Nistelberger, and Head of Production Erich Zeisl attended the meeting. DDr. Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha delivered a welcoming speech and introduced the work of ASI.

During the meeting, the delegation leader Zhiyang Liu introduced "English-Chinese Bilingual Corpus and Smart Translation Cloud Platform in Standardization" in terms of the purpose, significance, design concept, main functions, and demonstrated main functions of the platform online. Gan Keqin, Deputy Researcher of National Library of Standards, introduced the development and application of the national standards documents sharing service platform and standards big data application and development, demonstrated the standards drafting organization's big data analysis system, standards index extraction and comparison system, and expounded the multi-dimensional analysis of the standards development contribution and the application effect of this work in the comparison of Chinese and foreign standards. The contents of the exchange aroused great interest and heated discussions among ASI experts. Zhang Baolin, Deputy Researcher of the National Standards Evaluation Center, introduced the International Standards Distribution System, and then ASI experts discussed the standards information collection, standards sales policies, sales models and other issues with the delegation.

Through visiting and communicating, both sides had deepen the understanding in standardization work for each other, and laid a foundation for the cooperation in the future for China and Austria in standardization. At the same time, the innovative standardization concept and successful experience of Austria's national standardization organization have inspired us deeply, and also provided management ideas worth learning for China's standardization work.



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