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Recruiment of National Library of Standards of CNIS
Date: 2016-11-18   
        The CNIS President Office Meeting approved that the National Library of Standards of CNIS will recruit one person as personnel within the establishment.
        1. Post and number
        R&D of standards knowledge management system, one person
        2. Qualifications
        1) Beijing citizen, healty, less than 35 years old, Master or higher in education degree;
        2) Background of computer technology and application, information management and system,computer software,database and Big Data, etc.;
        3) Experience of data integration analysis, data mining project development management, big software project or big data project design, development and management;
        4) Good research ability and practice;
        5) CET-6 or better, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;
        6) Good communication and coordination ability, teamwork.
        3. Responsibility
        1) Standards documents database system maintaining and updating;
        2) Information support for standards documents products;
        3) Standards information management system R&D and service;
        4) Standards data mining and Big Data analysis.
        Registration deadline:November 23, 2016
        Contact person:Mr. Su


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