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What service does CNIS offer?
Date: 2013-05-27   

As the only state level institute for standardization in China, CNIS has been consistenly committeed to providing technical support for the government, accessible services for the public and private sectors, and popularizing related knowledge among all walks of social life.

With the largest standards collection, the National Standards Library, CNIS has both free and charged searching and inquiring services relating to both domestic, foreign and international standards. The search and inquries may be completed online or through mail or telephone calls.

Authorized by the state administraton of standardizaton, CNIS is also permited to sell national, industrial and provincial standards at a reasonable price.

In addition, leveraging on the professional team and competent research power, CNIS is also offering standards development and standardization consulting services for enterprises, organizations and local governments. We have a considerable number of successful cases of such cooperation and technical consultancy.

For more information about such services available, please contact the General Office.



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