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Department of Standards Evaluation
Date: 2018-10-20   

The Department of Standards Evaluation mainly carries out standards evaluation and standardization technical organization evaluation, and is responsible for the filing of industry standards, local standards and the management of national standards archives. Its main responsibilities are:
1. Standards project evaluation:  to organize the experts to evaluate the completeness of the standard project materials, the feasibility, necessity and coordination of the project, and propose project proposals.
2. Evaluation of the implementation of the standard: to research on the post-implementation evaluation mechanism, organize the relevant parties to evaluate the implementation of the major standards, and put forward the evaluation conclusions.
3. Evaluation for standardization technical organizations: to organize experts to evaluate the application for the establishment of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee and review the qualifications of the technical committee members.
4. Evaluation for operation of standardization technical organizations: to organize experts to evaluate the operation status of technical committees.
5. Filing management of industry standards and local standards : to receive industry standards and local standards filing materials, and review the completeness of materials and the rationality of the scope. Maintain and record industry standards and local standards information base, and carry out statistical analysis of relevant data.
6. National standards file management: to management department submit letters, signing forms, standard report drafts, preparation instructions, summary of comments, meeting minutes, important correspondence, standards texts and other national standards files.
7. Comprehensive consultation and training of standardization: carry out standards consultation and technical committees management comprehensive consultation and training, improve the quality of standards development and revision and improve the management level of technical committees.



Add: Floor 4, Department of Standards Evaluation, No 4, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100191

Tel for standards evaluation: +86 010-58811506 (Jin Yanfang); 58811409(Pan Wei)

Tel for standards filing: +86 010-58811490(Fang Jiajuan); 58811428(58811428)

Tel for trainning: +86 010-58811856(Zhang Jiandi); 58811428(Yang Lifei)

Fax:+86 010-58811475




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