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Sub-Institute of Food and Agriculture Standardization
Date: 2013-12-31   

      The Sub-Institute of Food and Agriculture Standardization, adhering to the concept of “research orientation, serving the community, and striving for excellence”, has conducted standardization researches in monitoring and control, protection of geographical indication products. Specifically, its researches focus on general and critical techniques on the sensory evaluation and consumption preference, food flavor evaluation, intelligent sensory analysis, preparation of standard sample of agricultural products, identification and monitoring of food risk factors, analysis of public comments and risk information on food safety, online quality control of food production processes, identification of the origin characteristics of geographical indication products, and assessment of the contributions of geographical indication products to the regional economy.

      After a decade of development, the Sub-Institute has become a national food and agricultural standardization research center and a promotion base of technological achievements incorporating scientific researches, experimental development, application and promotion, and consulting services.


Major Achievements



More than 240 research projects, including

Fundamental Research and Technical Measures on Major Food Safety Standards (a key scientific and technological project during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period), Development of Techniques and Key Standards on Food Sensory Analysis (a scientific and technological support sub-project during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period), Design, Operation Specifications and Technical implementation of Agricultural Products Quality Quick Tracing System (a "863" plan project); and over 50 national standards on food and agricultural products (development and revision).



4 data systems, namely, "Data System for Risk Monitoring of Food Production and Processing", "Food Tracing System", "Easy Sensory Analysis System", and "Food Standards Database".



Research and Construction of the Food Safety Standard System, Classification and Categorization Research of Chinese of Commerce (first and second prizes); and a winner of the Chinese standard Innovation Award (third prize).



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