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Branch of Quality Management
Date: 2013-12-31   

      The Branch of Quality Management is committed to serving national macro quality management, guiding enterprises to pursue performance excellence, and increasing the value of Chinese brands, and tasks the research, standards formulation and revision and market services of quality management as the main business, focuses on the research on theories, technologies and standards relating to performance excellence management, macro quality management, quality evaluation, social credit, social responsibility and sustainability, risk management, consumer product quality and safety management, etc. In addition, the Branch operates AQSIQ Product Quality and Safety Risk Monitoring Center and CNIS Customer Satisfaction Measurement Center, and has established Quality Perception and Product Reliability Analysis Lab.

      Currently, the Branch jointly assumes a secretariat of ISO, provides 5 secretariats of national technical committees mirroring to developed more than 40 national standards, published more than 180 scientific papers and more than 20 monographs, and won 3 provincial and ministerial awards.

  • Recorded quality and safety information of more than 100 categories of products
  • Collected more than 100,000 entries of product quality and safety risk information
  • Collected more than 600,000 entries of customer satisfaction measurement  data
  • Obtained more than 30,000 entries of consumer quality perception experimental data

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