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Sub-Institute of High and New Technology & Information
Date: 2013-12-31   

      The Sub-Institute of High and New Technology & Information Standardization is committed to meeting the demands of the state, industries, and enterprises for information standardization. It focuses on information classification and coding, data elements, metadata, data exchange, business processes and their standardization. It aims to provide solutions of information standardization for various institutions.

      In the past decade, the Sub-Institute has made great achievements in its scientific researches, including the development of over 200 national standards, more than 30 national projects of science and technology, and 50-plus ministerial-level major research projects; completion of a series of national "gold" projects (gold faith projects, gold quality projects, and gold tax projects) and 100-plus informationization projects of the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission, Sinopec, and Sany, etc.; winning over 10 provincial and ministerial awards; obtaining over 10 software copyrights, and publication of over 20 academic books. 

      Currently, the Sub-Institute has 30 researchers (including 7 with doctor degree). Its researches involve information classification and coding, public management and e-commerce, business management informationization, population and health information.


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