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Energy-Using Product Energy Efficiency Laboratory
Date: 2011-11-04   


    Resources and Environment Branch of the China National Institute of Standardization energy efficiency of energy-using products laboratory is a collection of scientific research, development, applications, and services for one energy-saving, environmental protection and environmental ergonomics field experimental research platform.
    Energy products, energy efficiency standard laboratory services in the spirit of experimental research, research purposes, and to carry out the experimental study and verification tasks in domestic energy-saving, environmental protection, standardized technology. Laboratory around energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency labeling implementation technology to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation in the international arena, and as China's energy efficiency professional laboratory with international organizations in the field of experimental study business butt. 

    The laboratory currently has a number of devices of the energy efficiency of large-scale integrated test environment sets, including commercial refrigeration showcase experimental environment system, system test environment for household refrigerators (counter) products, household room air conditioner products thermal equilibrium experimental apparatus, home room experimental enthalpy difference of the air conditioner s ystem, an experimental system for large commercial HVAC equipment, testing water supply of water for household electrical appliances control system, electric light source products test system, but also has the most advanced water power measurement instrumentation. Laboratory business is the terminal energy efficiency of energy-using products experimental methods to study the field of home appliances, commercial appliances, lighting, and provide the basis of data and methods for energy efficiency standards and revision, the implementation of energy-efficiency labeling.



    1.Undertake a nationwide energy-efficiency labeling testing laboratory capacity verification and data consistency verification, completion of two batches of data statistical analysis report involving nearly 400 laboratories in 15 product categories.

    2.Undertake the Asian can efficiency standards and the identification / authentication effectively establish and elimination of barriers to implementation projects (BRESL) - "China energy efficiency labeling system for self-ballasted fluorescent lamps can efficiency testing data consistency than on" project implementation plan, energy efficiency labeling system can be efficient detection laboratory on-site verification of the sub-topics.

    3.Undertake a project of the Energy Foundation in the United States, such as room air conditioner cycle testing research, flat panel TV product cycle than the project.



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