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Ergonomics Laboratory
Date: 2011-11-04   

Experimental Center of China National Institute of Standardization Ergonomics Laboratory focuses on basic and applied research of ergonomics and ergonomics standardization is currently the largest open Ergonomics comprehensive experimental research base, and bear the National Ergonomics Standardization Technical the Secretariat of the Committee's work. Laboratory set standardized scientific research, data services, ergonomics consulting and evaluation work in one, designed to promote Ergonomics extensive research in the field of China's civilian application, user-friendly design of products and environments to provide standardized ergonomics technical support and data support, ergonomics improve labor efficiency, increase social welfare, safeguarding workers' health, and give full play a huge role.


    Since 2004, Ergonomics Laboratory invested more than 2,000 million, multi-angle, to expand and strengthen the original laboratory, the experiment has been a qualitative leap ability. Currently, the laboratory area of ??700 square meters, has six experimental platform to provide a variety of test environments and test tools, has taken shape on the shape, strength, exercise, physiology, perception and interaction behavior problem all-round experimental research capabilities. In 2011, passed the conformity assessment organization and implementation of laboratory accreditation review by the National Accreditation Board (CNAS), to obtain the certificate of recognition by the National Laboratory of CNAS marked the laboratory detection capabilities in line with internationally recognized standards require and management level.

    Second , the experimental platform   

1, anthropometric experimental platform



2, biomechanics experimental platform



3, usability and human-computer interaction experimental platform


4, the perception of ergonomics experimental platform

5, cognitive ergonomics experimental platform

6, virtual reality and simulation platform


Third, the external service capabilities

    Measurement of human characteristics (size, strength, range of motion, body pressure distribution, cognition, perception, eye movements, EEG and virtual reality, etc.)

    2 Human Motion Parameter Testing and Evaluation

    3 Chinese human body size database data services

    4, the ergonomics of product design consulting, certification and testing services

    5, Ergonomics (ergonomic) design guidance and solutions

    6 product availability

    7, driving safety and comfort Ergonomics Research

    8, accessibility ergonomic design

    9, labor health and safety research



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