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Laboratory for Quality Perception and Product Reliability Analysis
Date: 2011-11-07   

Quality perception and reliability analysis laboratory set up by the China National Institute of Standardization Quality Management Branch for the purpose, in order to "focus on the user experience, improve product quality, the first behavior, psychophysiological measurement techniques and reliability testing technology applications field of product quality evaluation, to provide customers with product quality and customer awareness, advertising effectiveness and brand awareness, product user experience and product safety because analysis of professional consulting services.


    The laboratory has advanced technology:

    (1) behavioral observation and analysis of system behavior observed by the leading international views on voting and meeting recording system to capture a certain scene under different groups of consumers to interact with the product information, analysis of consumer products and packaging, instructions and other information perception, attitudes and habits, consumer behavior rules mining target groups.



(2) eye movement test system, the eye tracker to record the eye movements of the subjects of the text, pictures, video and other information, fixation time to study visual information processing mechanisms of the individual in the viewing plane or video information activities.


(3) Brain perception test system, EEG instrument to record the different groups of consumers viewing text, pictures and video information on the electrical activity of the brain, an objective analysis of the target group, real and potential reaction of awareness, provide print and video ads Note attract, emotional engagement and memory effects assessment, explore product quality perception the Cognitive Neuroscience reaction mechanism.



At present, the services provided by the laboratory:

    (1) plane and video advertising effectiveness evaluation. Evaluation, customers can accurately speculate advertising associated with products selling point; predict consumer reaction, redesign or rework cost savings; found that can cause the most the consumers resonate advertising elements to increase its utilization; the accurate measurements habits reaction , optimize advertising investment.

    (2) digital media product quality the perceived impact assessment. Customers through our quality perception effect evaluation of user experience, usability issues can be found in the product or prototype products to market before; product market can reduce risk; improve user satisfaction; reduce the after-sales service costs; establish a good corporate image.

    (3) Perception of product quality and safety information. 70-80% of the product quality and safety incidents due to human factors. Comprehensive utilization of laboratory behavior and brain cognitive psychological, physiological and experimental techniques, evaluation of product safety information perceived law of effect and use behavior, and enhance product safety warning effect, the product is found to use the security risks, to avoid the risk of product quality and safety.


Existing laboratory project experience:

    Registration process for Baidu Well "effect evaluation of user experience, increase user registration rate of 46%.

    Print ads provide household appliances for Haier Group evaluation of advertising effectiveness, and improve the effectiveness of advertising.

    The user to use the effect assessment for the installation and use of Galanz, Canon, Sony production daily (microwave ovens, telephones, copiers, voice recorder) to improve the availability of products exist to improve the satisfaction of the products used.

    Ten categories, a total of 28 kinds of toys for children using the safety and quality of the evaluation, the security risks of the use of children's toys products, and provides recommendations for customers to avoid the risk of product quality and safety.



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