Liu MeiResearch Fellow

Born in 1967, and graduated from Engineer School of Idaho University with a master's degree in environment engineering.

Mainly engaged in: energy saving and emission reduction.


Working experience:

Since 2003, she hasd been working in Branch of Resource and Environment of CNIS, assuming the work of clear production, recycling economy and policy related to environment management, etc. She was responsible for the two major subjects (recycling economy, and ecological efficiency of high-tech industry garden) of MOST; subsequently took charge of more than 10 special research subjects of AQSIQ and quality inspection public-welfare industry, SAC and NDRC, etc., developed and transformed over 10 international standards, as well as anticipated the development of international standards like ISO 14067.
She now assumes serves as the joint secretary of ISO/TC 207/SC 7 onSub-committee of Environment Management Technical Committee, the commissioner of the National Environment Management Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC 207), as well as and the Secretary-General of ISO/ TC 207/ SC 7.


Main achievements:
She participated in the development of a number of some national standards such as GB/T 20106-2006, etc.;
in 2011, she published one academic monographwriting work, and one piece of translated bookion work in 2009, in addition to as well as many research papers.


2007: 2007 China Metallurgical Group Corporation–Second Prize, ranking first
2009:“Science Thriving Inspection Project”of AQSIQ–First Prize, ranking first
2010:“China Standards Innovation Contribution Award”of SAC–Third Prize, ranking first