Zhou ChangqingAssociate Research Fellow

Born in 1963, and graduated with a master's degree from Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science.

Mainly engaged in: terminologys and language resources.


Working experience:
1988-2000 Science Press
2001-2005 China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies
2005-now China National Institute of Standardization


Major achievements:
He mainly manages and organizes ISO standardization work on terms standardization, i.e. ISO/TC 37 standards; he now takes charge of the secretariat work of ISO/TC 37 and ISO/TC 37/SC 1; He once participated in research projects such as "approval of major disciplinary terms", , "Aided terminology standards writing and information service system" , "national science resource sharing and virtual museum", "English-Chinese & Chinese-English standards translation system”, etc.
He was awarded the second prize of the Scientific and Technological Development by AQSIQ for the development of the standards translation system.