Xian KuitongResearch Fellow

Born in 1963, graduated from CAS Changchun optics precision machinery research institute in 1989 with a master’s degree.  Researcher, chief of the Sub-Institute of High and New Technology & Information Standardization.

Mainly engaged in: standardization of quality management and quality credit information.

Working experience:
1989–2010, working at the Branch of Quality Management, focusing on the fields of quality management, quality credit, reliability and environmental management, etc.
2010 - now, working at the High-Tech and Information Sub-Institute, focusing on the standardization of informatization. 

. He presided over the development of key standards, such as“Series of National Standards for Quality Management and Quality Assurance”.
2. He developed the research field of China’s reliability management standardization, studied and formed the system of reliability management standards, presided over developing two national standards at the top of the system, and compiled a book, Reliability Management.
3. He studied on the software quality standardization of high and new technology, presided over developing standards for software assurance and standards for software reliability, and compiled a textbook of software quality assurance.
4. He took charge of AQSIQ“Construction of Quality Credit System Project”, providing the scientific evidence for AQSIQ to classify and supervise enterprise quality credit, presided over drafting technical documents such as AQSIQ’s Opinion on Classified Supervision of Enterprise Quality Credit, Evaluation Indicator System and Evaluation Standards for Enterprise Quality Credit, etc., and completing the overall design of Evaluation Software of Enterprise Quality Credit.
5. He worked on the revision and development of research and standards for environmental management standardization, presided over developing the national standard, GB/T 24031-2001 Guide to Environmental Management and Environmental Performance Evaluation, and participated in the development of two national standards: GB/T 24001 and GB/T 24012.
6. He did research on the theory and application of customer satisfaction degree, presided over completing projects, such as “Research on Theory, Evaluation Standards and Application of Customer Satisfaction Degree”and “Investigation Report on 2005 Customer Satisfaction Index of China Brand Products”.
7. He presided over the AQSIQ scientific research special project in public service sector,“Optimized Technique and Method of National Standard System”.
8. In the last decade, he has completed in total over 10 scientific and technological projects, developed 20 national standards, published 8 works and over 30 academic papers, and made further research in the fields of software quality management, quality credit, etc.

First Prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award by the National Technology Supervision Bureau, 1998.
Second Prize of China Standards Innovation and Contribution Award, 2006.
Second Prize of the Scientific and Technological Development by AQSIQ,2010.
First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award by the China General Chambre of Commerce, 2010.
Second Prize of the CNIS Team Award for tasks on social respinsbility andd generic technology studies.