Zhao LeiResearch Fellow

Research Fellow, in charge of the food sensory analysis fields. Born in 1968, graduated from School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University, with a doctor's degree in agricultural prodcuts processing and storage.

Mainly engaged in: food sensory analysis.


Working experience:

1990 - 1993, taught in School of Life Science, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University
1995 - 2001, engaged in the research and development work of health food, pharmaceuticals in Sino-US joint venture, Beijing Sanming Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
2004 - 2006, engaged in the post-doctoral research of joint training by China Agricultural University and Zhejiang Yutian Group
2006 - now, worked in the Food and Agriculture Standardization Institute, China National Institute of Standardization. She was in charge of the food sensory analysis research, served as Deputy Director of the food sensory analysis laboratory, Deputy Director of Food and Agriculture Standardization Institute, and Director of the food sensory analysis laboratory one after another. Senior lead researcher at present, takes charge of food sensory analysis fields, responsible for carrying out sensory analysis, standardization research, and the construction of food sensory analysis fields and food sensory analysis laboratory.


Besides, she is responsible for domestic centralized work of ISO/TC34/SC12 and the ASTM/E18 member, SSP member, council member of Non-thermal Processing Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, China Canned Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance and Fruit and Vegetable Processing Branch, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, carrying out international standardization activities and academic part-time activities.


Major achievements:

She takes charge of a number of important national science and technology projects and provincial-level research, such as "technology and standards development of food sensory analysis"(Topics Task of National Science and Technology Support Program), "research on food characterized property and new technology and equipment of quality identification"(Topics of National High Technology Research and Development Program [863 Program]), "chemical basic research on sensory intensity of Pricklyash berry" (Project of Natural Natural Science Foundation), and "the descriptive analysis of the food sensory quality and research on general control standards" (Scientific Research Special Project of Quality Supervision, Inspection in Public Service Sector) etc.

Focusing on sensory analysis technology, she has acquired a series of important academic achievements, such as edited and published professional work Application Technology Guide of Sensory Analysis; applied for a food sensory quality evaluation method and system as the first inventor; obtained the software copyright of "easy sensory analysis system" and " juice quality characteristics database system v1.0"; drafted most of sensory analysis national standards, such as GB/T22366-2008 Odor, Flavor and Taste Recognition Threshold General Guide through Determination of 3AFC (sensory analysis, methodology using and three-point optional method), GB / T 13868-2009 General Principles of Establishing Sensory Analysis Laboratory, GB / T 25006-2010 Sensory Analysis: Evaluation Method of Food Flavor Changes Caused by Packaging Materials; published 12 SCI or EI articles in Journal of Agricultural and food Chemistry, Journal of Food Science, European food Research and Technology etc.; and published more than 40 articles in first grade journals and Chinese core journals like Chinese Institute of food Science and Technology, Food Science etc.


She has won numerous awards in the fields of standardization research and work, such as the first prize of Science and Technology Award, China General Chamber of Commerce (2011, ranking first); the second prize of scientific and technological innovation Award and Excellent Thesis Award, China Institute of Food Science and Technology (twice, 2004 ranking frist; 2007 ranking second); the second prize of Advanced Individual Award, "Propulsion Project of Key Technical Standards", CNIS; Advanced Individual in International Standardization Activities, CNIS (2007); Innovative Individual of CNIS (2011) etc.