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SAC/SWG 29 on digitalization set up in Beijing
Date: 2023-03-07    Source:CNIS   

The founding assembly of SAC/SWG 29 on digitalization, which is also the first plenary meeting, was convened in Beijing on March 3, which was attended by over 80 participants, including Guo Huanxin, First-class Inspector from Standards Technical Management Department, State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Shen Jingli, Second-class Investigator from Standards Technical Management Department of SAMR, Su Zhongmin, President of CNIS, and Wu Xiaobo, Vice President of CNIS.

The founding assembly was hosted by Wu Xiaobo. The approval document of the establishment of SAC/SWG 29 and the list of members were announced by Shen Jingli. Guo Huanxin issued the letters of appointment to Wu Hequan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) as the consultant, Su Zhongmin as Chair and Vice Chairs. Wu Hequan and Zhang Xiaogang, former ISO President, made keynote speeches.

The general situation of the standardization working group was introduced by Su Zhongmin, who presided over the plenary meeting. Then Secretary-General of the working group Wang Yiyi reported the working rules and 2023 work plan to the members, who unanimously approved the documents and discussed the future work of the working group. Finally, Su gave advice on further work and concluded the meeting.


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